Call-Handling Customization Options

May 9th, 2023

Your Ruby account is highly customizable, and the Customer Happiness team is happy to work with you to set up your call-handling instructions so that our receptionists can handle your calls according to your preference!

Below you'll find the most common adjustments our customers make.

Customizing Instructions by Individual
Each person can have their own individualized instructions. We can try folks on their desk lines, cell phones, or both! If an employee would rather us hold calls by default, we can make note of that too. If someone is unavailable for a call, we can take written messages and deliver them via email and/or text as well as offer voicemail (either by using a Ruby voicemail box or connecting to a voicemail on their direct number).

By default, we gather the caller's name and what their call is regarding before connecting a call to you live. We can also customize this instruction according to each individual's preferences.

In written messages, we typically gather the caller's name (as they've provided it), phone number, what their call was regarding, and any other information they mentioned during the call. We can ask callers for more information in messages, and this instruction can be customized by individual too.

Customizing Instructions by Type of Call
We're also able to customize instructions based on different types of calls. For instance, we can connect a certain type of call to a specific person or rotation of people. We can also gather specific information either before connecting a call or in messages based on the type of call. Additionally, we can connect specific types of calls to one person while holding other calls. For example, if you'd like us to connect potential new clients to you and hold calls from anyone else, we can!

Our receptionists can also assist with intake and collect any additional information from your potential new clients that would be helpful to you — i.e. email address, best time for a callback, best date/time for an appointment, etc.