Tips for Keeping Costs Low & Getting the Most Out of Ruby's Receptionist Service

May 9th, 2023

We know we’re not the least expensive receptionist service option out there, but our outstanding receptionist team and innovative technology really set us apart. There are so many ways to make us part of your business’s success! Keep reading for some helpful tips for trimming your receptionist minute usage, in addition to suggestions to truly maximize our impact and value.

Tips for trimming receptionist usage:
Forwarding/un-forwarding: You can forward and un-forward your line from us as little or as often as you would like. If you wanted to be closer to the base monthly fee of a certain plan, you can monitor your usage online or in our app, and then un-forward your line from us once you get close to the amount of receptionist minutes you want to use. This way, you can essentially pick how much money you would like to spend within the plans that we offer.

Delayed forwardingMost phone providers offer a feature called "Call Forward / Busy No Answer" or "delayed call forwarding." This would allow your calls to ring to your office for a certain number of rings (we typically suggest 2), then roll over to Ruby if there is no one available to take the call. Handling a percentage of your calls in your office is an effective way to reduce the number of calls Ruby is handling, while still having us as a backup option when you're busiest. 

Ruby voicemail: Once callers are transferred to your personal voicemail box, you are no longer charged for the call as the receptionist is no longer on the line, so opting for voicemail rather than written messages can help trim some minutes.

Adjust your answering schedule: By reducing your live answering hours we could potentially decrease your usage by limiting the hours our receptionists are handling your calls live. You are never billed for any calls that go to your afterhours voicemail, and of course, you're still welcome to forward and un-forward your lines at any time.

Tips for adding the most value to our service:
Business number hosting: Eliminate your phone bill and port your published number to Ruby to host for free. In addition to saving you money with your phone provider, it will give you access to a whole host of extra features. With a Ruby-hosted number you can also access:

Spoofing caller ID: You are able to make calls from your business number on your cell phone through Ruby's free app. This means that when you make the call, rather than the caller seeing your cell phone number as the caller ID, they'll see your business number.

Business textingAll text communication to and from your business number will take place in your Ruby mobile app, giving you the freedom to keep personal and business conversations separate while using your cellphone as your primary tool to talk.

Ruby call forwarding: Turn call-forwarding on and off easily through the Ruby app and online portal, giving you even more control over when Ruby is handling your calls. 

Call assistsWe have a specially trained team of receptionists who are happy to place calls on your behalf! This feature is useful for appointment confirmation calls, or to gather or relay simple information to your callers. If you're quite not using all of the receptionist minutes included in your base plan, this is a great way to maximize your Ruby usage.

Intake: We'll gladly collect any additional information from your callers that would be helpful to you. For example—email address, best time for a call back, details about their case, etc. If there is information we can collect to make your life easier, we're happy to do it!

24/7/365 Answering: Make sure you never miss a single call! Our receptionists are available to answer for you 24/7, 365 days a year (including holidays).

Scheduling: We’re happy to schedule appointments for your callers! We work with your preferred calendaring system available on your website so you’re never double booked.