Scheduling with Calendly

April 16th, 2024

If you’re already using a scheduling platform that you love, we’re happy to chat about adding it to your account. Click here to learn more. If you’re on the hunt for a scheduling platform that will integrate with Ruby with ease, we've had great success with Calendly over the years!

Calendly is a scheduling software that works with your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar so you’re never double booked. You can manage individual employee calendars, calendars associated with specific teams, and even the whole company's calendar. Any appointment Ruby makes for you via your Calendly account will automatically update your schedule.

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For HIPAA Compliant Customers: Calendly does not meet the necessary communication security requirements for Protected Health Information, and therefore cannot be used in conjunction with HIPAA compliant Ruby service. However, if you have a HIPAA compliant scheduling platform you’d like to use instead, we’re happy to take a look to see if we’re able to add it to your account. You can read more here

Setting Up Your Calendly Account
After you sign up for Calendly, we recommend you check out their guide to Getting Started, available here

To ensure your Calendly account is optimized for Ruby’s use, please do the following:

Lock the time zone. Ruby has offices in Pacific Time and Central time, so it’s important to lock the correct time zone for the appointments we make so that we will always make appointments in a single time zone of your choice. Click here for instructions on how to lock your time zone.

Alternatively, if you will have callers from different time zones booking appointments, we’re happy to ask them which time zone they’re in and change the time zone manually. 

Set your same-day preferences. If you don't want same-day appointments to be scheduled, please set up a "Minimum Scheduling Notice" time in Calendly that works well for you. This option is can be found for each event under When can people book this event? > Availability > Advanced. Creating a minimum notice guideline will prevent any surprises!

Once you've created your Calendly account, you’re welcome to send any scheduling links you'd like us to use to the Customer Happiness team to be incorporated into your call-handling instructions. Click here to contact us!

Ruby Scheduling Considerations
Your Availability

  • Ruby does not have any insight into your day-to-day availability for scheduling events other than what you have setup in in your scheduling platform. It’s important to make sure your calendar accurately reflects your availability – we’d hate to schedule an appointment at a time you weren’t actually available!
  • We are not able to proactively reference your calendar to setup Ruby Statuses to hold your calls during scheduled appointments. It's still necessary for you to communicate with Ruby directly about temporary changes you’d like to make to your call-handling instructions. However, if your appointments are linked to your phone's calendar, you can sync your phone's calendar to our app to create automatic Statuses. Learn more about this feature here
  • We unfortunately cannot manually distribute appointments in a round robin fashion. Our receptionists do not have insight into which team members may be up next for an appointment. However, for a Calendly Team, you can set up "Round Robin" or "Collective" scheduling options so that we will schedule whenever any team member is available or only when all team members are available. You can view more information and instructions on how to set this up on Calendly’s website here.

Gathering Information 
We can request a caller's name, email address, and other information you may need to schedule the appointment.

  • If a caller declines to provide an email address - which is required for scheduling a Calendly appointment - we won't be able to complete the scheduling process. We'll send you a written message instead.
  • We are unable to follow additional instructions that you've added to Calendly. Receptionists are trained to follow the instructions programmed by our team within our own programs, and to simply select and fill out the fields for the event. If there's something you'd like to customize, we're happy to chat through your options!

Cancelling & Rescheduling Appointments

  • Ruby is unable to cancel appointments or modify existing appointments. When a caller asks for either, we ask them to follow the links in their confirmation email to manage their appointment.