Ruby Hours & 24/7 Reception Service

May 7th, 2024

We’re delighted to offer our exceptional reception service 24/7, 365 days a year! There is no additional charge for utilizing Ruby's 24/7 service, although your usage of receptionist minutes will likely increase.

We typically recommend setting up instructions to take messages only during late night hours, and to limit the time we’re dialing cell phones so that we aren’t trying to transfer a call at 3am, or dialing a line unnecessarily when someone is unlikely to pick up, but of course we’re happy to customize your call-handling instructions to fit your business’s needs. Our Customer Happiness team would be glad to chat with you about your preferences and make any necessary adjustments to your call-handling instructions. 

Outside of our standard business hours Monday through Friday from 5am-6pm PST, please keep in mind:

  • With fewer receptionists, wait and ring times may be higher than our typical service offering.
  • Service will be limited to English-speaking receptionists only.
  • Support staff (Customer Happiness, Billing, Sales, etc.) are not available during our extended hours.
  • Status updates will only be processed via the mobile app or online portal during our extended hours.
  • Ruby will not be available to make call assists on your behalf.
  • Ruby will periodically perform maintenance during off-peak hours that may temporarily impact our ability to handle incoming calls. During maintenance activities, calls will be handled by an afterhours solution.