Bilingual Service Options

May 9th, 2023

Ruby is a bilingual service, offering both receptionist service and outbound call assists in English and Spanish. Our bilingual receptionist team is comprised entirely of native Spanish speakers.

Generally, the process works like this: if a caller begins speaking Spanish when we answer a call or if they request Spanish assistance, our English-speaking receptionists are trained to say "Un momento, por favor," and transfer them to our bilingual team. The caller will briefly hear hold music until a bilingual receptionist answers the call in Spanish: "Muchas gracias por esperar, ¿como puedo ayudarle?" ("Thank you for holding, how may I help you?") The bilingual receptionist will then handle the call to conclusion. 

Please note that bilingual service is only available during our standard business hours of Monday-Friday, 5am-6pm PST.

There is no additional cost for this service. If you'd rather set up specific instructions for Spanish-speaking callers, we’d be delighted to! This includes routing Spanish-speaking callers to a designated person in the office, connecting them to a Spanish voicemail box, or letting Spanish-speaking callers know that no one in the office speaks Spanish. Feel welcome to reach out to the Customer Happiness team if you’d like to set up any special instructions for your Spanish-speaking callers! 

Specialized Bilingual Options
If you have a high percentage of Spanish-speaking callers, Ruby has a few specialized options to offer as an alternative to our general bilingual call-handling:

Bilingual Only: If 100% of your callers speak Spanish, we can set up your calls to only ring to our bilingual team. If you choose this option, we will greet your callers in Spanish, so we only recommend this option if all your callers speak Spanish.

Bilingual Auto-Attendant: This will give your callers the option to select their language of choice (i.e. Press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish) after dialing your published number. If the caller selects English, they will be routed to our general pool of English-speaking receptionists, where their call will be handled according to your usual call-handling instructions.

If the caller selects Spanish, they will be routed to our bilingual receptionist team. The caller will hear hold music until one of our bilingual receptionists answers the call in Spanish: "Muchas gracias por esperar, ¿Como puedo ayudarle?" ("Thank you for holding, how may I help you?"). If you'd like to set up specific call-handling instructions for Spanish-speaking callers, we can certainly customize your instructions to make sure these calls are handled as you wish.

Our Customer Happiness team would be happy to assist if you want to add one of these options!