Afterhours Options

August 15th, 2023

Our receptionists are available to answer your calls 24/7/365. However, if you'd prefer we only answer your calls during a set time frame, we have several options for your afterhours calls:

  • Voicemail: The most common afterhours option is a Ruby voicemail box. Messages left in your Ruby voicemail box will be emailed to you as a .wav file. They are also available online at and on our mobile app, along with transcripts of the voice message for your convenience.
  • Auto-Attendant: If you’re looking for the option to have certain calls come through to you afterhours, but want others to be directed to voicemail, an auto-attendant may be a great solution. With this feature, we can program something like “If this is urgent, please press 3 to be connected to ____. Otherwise, please stay on the line to leave a message.” Pressing 3 would directly transfer the caller to the number of your choice, while staying on the line would direct their call to an afterhours voicemail box. We can also add additional options for connecting to different contacts at your office.
  • Outbound Forward: We can simply directly connect all calls that come in after hours to a number of your choice, such as a cell phone or an office backline.
  • Safety Net: If you’re certain that you’ll be un-forwarding your phones every evening, we can direct afterhours calls to a generic safety net message saying “Thank you for calling. You’ve reached us after hours. Please call back during normal business hours. We look forward to speaking with you then. Thank you!” just in case you leave your lines forwarded overnight.

If you’d like to update your afterhours settings, the Customer Happiness team would be happy to assist! Reach out to our team here.