Why are my texted messages threading with old messages?

May 1st, 2023

If you’ve opted to have your Ruby messages texted to you, those messages are sent using an SMS gateway which sends out text messages from a randomized sending address. You’ll notice when receiving texts from us that messages are sent from an address beginning with the word “bounce,” which is followed by a randomized extension. If you aren’t deleting your Ruby text messages regularly, you will eventually receive a message from a “bounce” extension that has sent you a message previously. Since your phone recognizes this new message as being from the same sender as your old message, it links those texts together like it would link any other texting conversation.

If you delete your old Ruby text messages, your messages will return to normal. Regularly deleting your Ruby messages will prevent this linkage in the future. Otherwise, if you prefer not to delete your messages, then know that you may simply disregard those old messages!