Using Ruby as Backup for Your In-House Receptionist

May 9th, 2023

Ruby is the perfect choice for small businesses that want to provide back-up support for their in-house receptionist or office manager to ensure that all callers are greeted by a live, friendly professional. Our receptionists are ready to step in whenever your in-house staff needs a break, time off, or is simply too busy to grab the phone.

Keeping Ruby as backup to your in-house staff usually allows you to remain on a smaller billing plan. Rather than paying salary and benefits for another employee, you can sit back and let Ruby fill in the gaps!

Most phone providers offer a feature called delayed call-forwarding, where calls can ring to your office line first before rolling over to Ruby. To learn more about delayed call forwarding through your phone provider, please check out this article.

If Ruby hosts your phone number, you can choose to let your calls ring to you directly and roll over to Ruby when you’re not available using Ruby’s app or online portal.