What is my Ruby forwarding number?

August 8th, 2023

You’re able to find your Ruby forwarding number by logging in to the online portal. From the menu on the left, choose Account and then Company. Your Ruby forwarding numbers are noted at the bottom of your company information. 

What is a Ruby forwarding number anyways?
Each Ruby account is linked up to a phone number within our system. This phone number allows your incoming calls to be associated with your company’s account information, so that your call-handling instructions are pulled up and displayed to the receptionist handling your call in the moment. 

If you’ve ported your business phone number to Ruby, this will likely be the number that is hosting your account and can also serve as your Ruby forwarding number if you need to forward any other lines to us. 

For all of our other customers, we have assigned a Ruby forwarding number (or two) to your account. You’re always welcome to publish this number to your clients or customers should you choose, and (as long as your account is in good standing) we’re happy to port it out to take with you should you ever decide to leave Ruby.