Forwarding Calls Through Your Phone Provider

June 7th, 2023

There are several ways to forward your phones to Ruby! The forwarding process is facilitated through your phone provider, so they’re usually the best contact for troubleshooting if you run into trouble, but the most common methods are outlined below. Of course, the Customer Happiness team is here for you should you need extra help!

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of call-forwarding? Consider porting your published number to Ruby so that you can forward your calls right from the Ruby App and online portal! 

Table of Contents

Ruby-Hosted Number
If you’ve ported your business number to Ruby, you can learn how to activate Ruby call forwarding via the app or online portal here.

Traditional Landlines       
This method of call-forwarding works with most traditional (non-cellular) phone providers.

To Activate Call Forwarding       
STEP 1: Lift the handset on the line you wish to forward and listen for a dial tone.       
STEP 2: Press *72. (In some areas, it’s 72#. If *72 doesn’t work, try 72#).       
STEP 3: At the tone, dial your Ruby forwarding number       
STEP 4: When the call is answered, the feature has been activated!

To Cancel Call Forwarding       
STEP 1: Lift the handset on the line you wish to un-forward and listen for a dial tone.       
STEP 2: Press *73. (In some areas, it’s 73#. If *73 doesn’t work, try 73#).       
STEP 3: You will typically hear a series of beeps (usually three) followed by the dial tone, indicating that forwarding has been turned off.

VoIP (Voiceover Internet Protocol) Numbers       
For VoIP services (like Ring Central, Grasshopper, Vonage, etc.), you’re typically able to forward your phone line by accessing your account settings online. If you’re unsure of where those settings live on your phone provider’s website, we would recommend reaching out to their support team for call forwarding assistance. 

Forwarding an iPhone        
Typically you can follow the below process:

STEP 1: From the Settings menu, select Phone.       
STEP 2: From the Phone menu, select Call Forwarding.       
STEP 3: Once the Call Forwarding menu is opened, you’ll find a slider that allows you to toggle forwarding on and off.       
STEP 4: Toggling this feature to On will prompt you to enter the number you would like to forward to. Enter your Ruby forwarding number.       
STEP 5: Once you’ve entered that number, calls are forwarded!

Certain cell phone service providers don’t allow access to forwarding settings through their iPhones, but there is an easy workaround! Simply dial *72 and your forwarding number as one string of numbers, then hit send. When the call is answered, the feature has been activated. 

Forwarding an Android        
Forwarding methods for Android phones can vary widely depending on the type of phone you have and your cell service provider. You can frequently find instructions for your particular phone by searching “[your phone model] [your cell service provider] call forwarding” using your favorite online search engine.

Remote Call Forwarding       
This option gives you the ability to forward your landline from anywhere, at any time, from any phone number. Forwarding this way doesn’t use receptionist minutes and is typically free through your phone provider. Usually they will provide you with a toll-free number. You can dial this number from any phone (cell, office, home phone, etc). After dialing this number, you will be prompted to enter a password. After entering a password, you will be prompted to enter the number you wish to forward to, then you can disconnect the call and your phone will be forwarded.

Scheduled Call Forwarding       
Scheduled call forwarding allows you to forward calls to Ruby based on a custom schedule. Once the schedule is set, calls will forward and un-forward automatically from Ruby. The forwarding would automatically turn on and off based on the times set on the schedule. Not all phone providers offer scheduled call forwarding so reaching out to your provider directly is the best way to find out if this is an option for you. While on the line, they’ll be able to set it up for you or walk you through how to set up a schedule through your online portal. 

Looking to allow calls to ring to your office first? Learn about Call Forward / Busy No Answer here!

Our Customer Happiness team is delighted to help if you have any questions about call-forwarding or if you’re interested in porting your published number to us.