Call Forward / Busy No Answer

December 6th, 2023

Sometimes referred to as "Delayed Call Forwarding," this type of call forwarding allows calls to ring to you first, before forwarding to Ruby. It’s perfect if you’re looking to use Ruby as a backup to your current receptionist or if you prefer to answer your calls from time to time!

If Ruby Hosts Your Business Number
With your Ruby hosted phone number, you can choose to let your calls rings to you directly and roll over to Ruby when you’re not available using Ruby’s app or online portal! You can read about Ruby’s call forwarding options here.

If Your Business Number is Hosted by an Outside Provider
To set up Call Forward / Busy No Answer on a line hosted by an outside phone provider, you can try inquiring about this feature through your phone company. Calls can ring to your in-house receptionist first, and then Ruby if the line is unanswered or busy. We recommend keeping that to no more than 1-2 rings to ensure that the callers aren’t waiting too long before the line is answered. If there is no answer after 1-2 rings, or if your line is busy, the line will roll over to your Ruby forwarding number. When you contact your provider, you will want to ask them to set up “Call Forward Busy/No Answer” or “Delayed Call Forwarding.” 


  • Call forward if busy: If you are already on a call and someone calls you, they will be forwarded to Ruby. To enable this feature, dial: *67*[Ruby forwarding number]*11# and tap Call.
  • Call forward if not answered: If you do not answer a call, it will be automatically forwarded to Ruby. To enable this feature, dial: *61*[Ruby forwarding number]*11#
  • Call forward if not reachable: This is a simple option that will forward the call to Ruby if your phone is not connected to network or on airplane mode. To enable this feature, dial: *62*[Ruby forwarding number]*11#

To Deactivate Conditional Call Forwarding:

  • Call forward if busy: #67#
  • Call forward if not answered: #61#
  • Call forward if not reachable: #62#

Forwarding methods for Android phones can vary widely depending on the type of phone you have and your cell service provider. You can frequently find instructions for your particular phone by searching “[your phone model] [your cell service provider] conditional call forwarding” using your favorite online search engine.