FAQs for Ruby Billing System Update

October 3rd, 2023

To create a more streamlined and secure billing system, we are introducing a new billing system. Here are a few answers to questions you may have about this update. 

How will I receive my invoice? 

Invoices will continue to be delivered from billing@ruby.com on your bill issue date, so there is no need to update your whitelist or safe senders list to continue receiving the emails. 

The emails will no longer have an invoice attachment but will contain a link instead. When clicked, the link opens on a web page where you can view and download the invoice.  You will not need to log in or authenticate to access your invoice this way.

Alternatively, you can log into the customer portal, navigate to Billing and manage your invoices that way.

What's different about the updated invoice? 

The new invoice has similar appearance but with a simplified format and layout. All prices, overage calculations, discounts, and credits will be calculated the same as they were before. 

Can I access my old invoices? 

After your account is updated in the new system, the Billing link will take you to the updated billing pages. The History link on the Billing page will navigate into our old Billing pages, where you will continue to have temporary access to your historical invoices. We recommend downloading any historical invoices you'd like to save for your records.  

Where can I log into the billing page after the billing update? 

Log into my.call-ruby.com like normal. Click the Billing link under Account section. The new billing pages will open inside the customer portal instead of a separate tab and you will no longer have to log in separately. 

Why can't I make a payment online?

We have temporarily disabled the ability to make payments online during the billing update period. This will be restored as soon as possible. If you need to make a payment before then, contact us. All automatic payments will continue to be processed on your regularly scheduled payment date. 

Have a question not covered above? Feel welcome to reach out here