Ruby’s Tax Information & W-9

May 7th, 2024

You can find the typical information required for your yearly taxes available below. Feel welcome to reach out to the Customer Happiness team if you have any additional questions!

Legal Company Name: Our registered business name is Ruby Receptionists, Inc. We are doing business as Ruby.

Tax ID #/EIN: 04-3738380


2022: Click here to download our W-9 for the 2023 tax season.
2023: Click here to download our W-9 for the 2024 tax season.
2024: Click here to download our W-9 for the 2025 tax season. 

1099: Fortunately, 1099s are only required for sole proprietors and partnerships, including LLCs and attorney's fees. Since Ruby is a corporation, you won't be asked to present a 1099 summarizing your payments to us. Just one less thing to worry about!