Do you bill for solicitations, hang-ups, and wrong number calls?

August 8th, 2023

Yes. We bill for any calls that are answered by a live receptionist. Receptionist minutes are used for all calls, including solicitations/robocalls, hang-ups, and callers with the wrong number.

Dealing with these kinds of calls is an unfortunate part of business, especially if they happen frequently. That said, we charge for these calls because we pay our receptionists to handle them and ultimately use our telephony resources to field them. On the plus side, these are calls that you or someone in your office would otherwise be interrupted to handle, so taking care of these callers and keeping them off your plate is all part of the excellent service we provide to our customers.

We also do our best to minimize the number of these calls using several methods:

  • Our receptionists are trained to screen out solicitations whenever possible. You can read more about the methods we use here.
  • If you opt in to our complimentary robocall filtering feature, these automated calls won’t use any receptionist minutes. Read more here.
  • You also have the ability to block individual callers from within the Ruby App. Click here to learn how!
  • If you regularly get wrong number calls for another business or person, let us know and we can add a special script so that receptionists can confidently redirect these callers.