Call Connect with Your Chat Leads

August 29th, 2023

With our Call Connect feature, our team can connect your leads directly to your team via the phone. You can opt into this feature if you'd like to be connected to speak with your leads as soon as they come in, or opt out if you'd prefer to simply get the chat transcript email notification and call back on your own time. 

Our Call Connect team is available Monday through Friday 5am to 6pm Pacific.

How It Works

  1. Acquire a new lead via chat. When a new lead chats in on your website, our Chat Specialists connect with them and gather their details. That information will then be sent over to our Call Connect team. 
  2. Connect them directly via warm transfer. Our Call Connect team will call your web visitor and let them know we're following up on their chat request. Then, we'll give you a ring and connect them through to you directly.

TIP! Our team will call you from your Ruby forwarding number. Save this number to your phone's contacts as “Ruby” so that you’ll always know when we’re calling!