My website testing tools say Ruby's code snippet is slowing my site down. Is it?

May 9th, 2023

Your website download speed is very important for your visitors and your Search Engine Optimization, which is why we've focused on optimizing our chat code. Ruby's code snippet does not impact your site performance or slow the overall load times of your website. The Ruby code snippet loads on your site in an asynchronous nature, which means it loads on your site without impacting the loading of the rest of your website. 

Some website speed testing tools are known to flag chat widgets in particular. Your tool may flag Ruby as a potential issue simply because we do continuous live updates to the chat widget as part of the chat widget experience. For example, we collect the visitor information, which we may use to update the widget based on your settings, and is saved to share back to you.

Despite the feedback that you may receive from Google and other tools, you can be confident that Ruby’s chat box is optimized for download speed. If you would like more information, GTmetrix's free Timings feature can run a website scan and give you helpful insights.