Ruby’s Mobile App

September 28th, 2023

Ready to be freed from the confines of your office? With our app, all you need to run your business is Ruby and a cell phone. From setting your Status to texting from your business number, double the power of your personal device with the Ruby app.


Get the app in the App Store or Google Play today!

Home Screen: View your current Status, hold your calls, and access all your most recent activities from the app’s home screen!

Status Updates: Set your preferences for when and where you want to take calls, who you would like to receive calls from, for what timeframe, integrate with your native calendar, and more!

Activity: Tap on any call, message, or chat to get the full scoop on the interaction. You can listen to voicemails and view full chat transcripts with ease.

Voicemail Access: Customize your own voicemail greeting and receive voicemail transcriptions when listening to a message isn’t convenient.

Business Texting: Use your cell phone to text current and prospective customers from your Ruby-hosted business number.

Choose Your Caller ID: Make calls or send texts from your Ruby-hosted business number to keep your professional appearance polished and personal information private.

Call Forwarding: Easily forward and un-forward your Ruby-hosted business number with the tap of a finger!

Monitor Usage: Stay up-to-date on how many minutes you have used in your chosen plan.

Call Assists: Request an outbound call assist from our team.

Block Solicitors: Get rid of persistent solicitors and unwanted callers.

Help Center Access: Have a question? Pop into our Help Center and find answers fast!

Stuck at your desk? 
You can access your Ruby account from our online portal as well!