Ruby Contacts

August 29th, 2023

Your Ruby Contacts list uses caller ID to allow us to recognize the people who call your company. This helps us provide accurate information back to you and improves your callers' experience overall. When a person you've saved calls in, our system matches their caller ID with the information you've provided and displays it to the receptionist. This feature is a great option any time you want us to be extra familiar with a caller, and it's especially helpful for callers with hard-to-spell names or those callers who may be harder to hear or understand.

Your Ruby Contacts are also available to you when dialing out from the Ruby app, making it easy to place calls from your business number to your contacts!

Creating and Editing Ruby Contacts  
The easiest way to get started is to sync your cell phone’s contacts with your Ruby account. To do this, log in to Ruby’s mobile app. Tap the Call button at the bottom center of the screen, and then tap the contact icon button to go to your Ruby Contacts.

If you don’t have any Ruby contacts listed, you can tap the Import Contacts button in the center of the screen. Otherwise, click on the import icon in the top right-hand corner and choose which contacts you'd like to add to your Ruby Contacts. Keep in mind that the name you have listed in your phone will appear for the receptionist, and they will use this spelling in messages. You can always edit any names you import from your cell phone, if needed.

To add individual contacts, you can click on the Save Contact button in any message, voicemail, or call activity. You can then choose to save the contact to your Ruby Contacts and/or to your device's contacts.

You can also go to the Contacts page to manually view and edit your existing Ruby Contacts or add new ones. This can also be done from the online portal at Any contacts added are only visible to your login - so you won't be able to see a colleague's contacts and vice versa.