Tips for Porting Your Google Voice Number to Ruby

May 9th, 2023

If you're having trouble using your Google Voice number in conjunction with Ruby, we highly recommend cutting out the middle man and porting your number to Ruby to host instead. We're happy to host it for free and porting to us will give you access to some awesome Ruby features similar to those you enjoyed from Google Voice, including:

  • Choose Your Caller ID: You can place calls from your business number from your cell phone through Ruby's app. When you make the call, rather than the caller seeing your cell phone number as the caller ID, they'll see your business number, allowing you to conduct business on-the-go!
  • Ruby Call-Forwarding: Control where your calls ring at any given moment, even allowing them to ring to you first before rolling over to Ruby. You can turn your Ruby service on and off right from our app or online portal with just a couple clicks. 
  • Business Texting: Send and receive text messages on your business number within the Ruby mobile app, giving you the freedom to keep personal and business conversations separate while using your cell phone as your primary tool to talk.

To get started, follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Unlock your Google Voice number. Unlocking the number you acquired through Google Voice costs $3 and you can find instructions from Google here. If you ported your wireless number into Google Voice when you started, you can unlock your number for free following the same instructions.
  2. Take a screenshot showing your ownership of the number. You'll want to go to Settings and click on either the Account or Phones tab, depending on which Google interface you're using.
  3. Fill out a letter of authorization. This document will reflect your name, number, and account information for your current phone provider, and will need to be signed by the authorized user on your account. Download a copy of the letter of authorization here
    You can add your 10-digit Google Voice phone number to the Account Number field and the PIN you use to access your Google Voice voicemail.
  4. Send your materials to Ruby. Send the completed letter of authorization and screenshot to the Customer Happiness team at and let us know you would like to port your number.

    Kick back, we're on it!  It can take up to ten days for your number to port to Ruby, but we’ll keep you informed during the process. Once your number ports, you’ll have access to a suite of sweet Ruby perks!

    Please note that Google Voice only allows mobile numbers to be ported into its service. All Ruby-hosted numbers are held as VoIP numbers, so if you would like to port your business number back to Google Voice in the future, Google Voice will require you to port your number from Ruby to an interim mobile provider, and then to Google Voice.