Ruby 2.0 Migration FAQs

April 15th, 2024

Here are some helpful tips and answers to questions you may have as you move over to the new Ruby app and online portal.

How do I access the new Ruby app and online portal? 

First, you’ll need to confirm you have logged into the current Ruby app or online portal and clicked the "migrate account" button. Go through the guided step-by-step process and once that has been completed, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to, and login with your new password.  If needed, please use the "Forgot your password?" link to have a password resent to you. 
    2. For accessing the app, you'll want to download the new iOS or Android version of the app that is named "Ruby 2.0 Virtual Receptionists," and log in there.

I’ve logged in to the new portal, but I can’t see any of my old messages. Where are they?

Once you have migrated to the new online portal, you will be able to see your historical messages by clicking “Historical Messages” on the Activity page.

Why do my email messages look different?

Ruby messages are formatted a bit differently and will now come from Please add this address to your safe sender list or address book to ensure that you will continue receiving your messages.

Are messages still being sent to multiple contacts? 

Yes, if your messages are set up to go to multiple contacts, they will now be sent separately at the same time rather than being Cc’d on one email.  

Can I continue using the old Ruby app and/or online portal?

All new activity will flow through the new app and online portal from now on and you’ll need to use the newest version of the app and online portal as the older versions are no longer supported. Please download the new iOS or Android versions and bookmark the new online portal. If you need to view historical messages, those are only available via the online portal. 

Have a question not covered above? Feel welcome to reach out here. Please note, as our Customer Happiness team ramps up in our new system, you may experience a longer response time.